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How can concepts from Cognitive Systems be applied to Autonomous Robots? This research track is being supported by the MACS project, a StREP project accepted by the EC (European Commission) in FP6 within the Cognitive Systems strategic objective call of IST.

Related Publications:

  • Ugur E., Dogar M.R., Cakmak M. and Sahin E. (2007) . The learning and use of traversability affordance using range images on a mobile robot, In Proc. of IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, pp. 1721-1726. Early version available as METU-CENG-TR-2006-03 in pdf. Also available as web page.
  • Dogar M.R., Cakmak M., Ugur E. and Sahin E. (2007), From Primitive Behaviors to Goal-Directed Behavior Using Affordances.IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS) 2007. Available as technical report METU-CENG-TR-2007-02 in pdf. Also available as web page.


The main objective of MACS is to explore and exploit the concept of affordances for the design and implementation of autonomous mobile robots acting goal-directed in a dynamic everyday environment. Affordance-based control will be developed as a method for robotics. By interfacing perception and action in terms of affordances, we will provide a new way for reasoning and learning to connect with reactive robot control. The potential of this new methodology will be shown by going beyond navigation-like tasks towards goal-directed autonomous manipulation in the project demonstrators.

This main objective is refined in the main fields of targeted S&T contributions: Robot control architecture, perception, representation, and learning, as far as they are related to affordance-based robot control. A demonstrator, consisting of an autonomous mobile manipulation-capable robot with a rich sensor configuration is specified that will be implemented in the course of the project serving to integrate, demonstrate, and evaluate both in simulation and in physical performance these S&T contributions.

Orthogonally to these S&T objectives, MACS has the dissemination objective to make the different involved scientific communities, possible appliers of the results, and the interested general public aware of its respective achievements.

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