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[top][back] PES: Parallelized Evolution System

File:pes-logo.gif This system is being developed in conjunction with IRIDIA within our collaboration on the Swarm-bots project. The system parallelizes the execution of evolutionary methods over multiple computers connected via a network. PES is based upon PVM, a popular parallel programming library.

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[top][back] KITE: Khepera Integrated Tracking Environment

File:kitelogo.gif KITE is developed as an integrated environment created for visual and quantitative evaluation of navigation and localization algorithms in real time on the miniature robot Khepera. This system was developed by Dr. Erol Sahin during his PhD studies and is no longer supported. The source and documentation is provided "as is" with the hope that it can be of help to others. |

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[top][back] WebBibTeX

WebBibTeX provides you with an interface for gathering and maintaining BibTeX entries on the web. BibTeX is a program that creates bibliographies for LaTeX.

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