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PESNetworkAdapter Class Reference

Adapter class for PES Network functions. More...

#include <pesnetworkadapter.h>

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Public Methods

void receivePing ()
void sendString (char *str)
void sendPingReply (int condition)
void sendResult (float result)
void receiveTask (PESTask *tsk)
void sendTask (PESSlaveInfo *slv, PESTask *tsk)
void ping (int tid, int timeout)
void recievePing (int *slave, int *status)
void recieveString (int *slave, int *len, char *str)
void Init ()
void InitAsSlave ()
int checkMessage ()
int getMessageType ()
void closeNetwork ()

Public Attributes

int me
int mytid
int tids [200]
int nproc

Detailed Description

Adapter class for PES Network functions.

This class provides required functionality to use PES network functions. Both slave and master classes should use this class to communicate.


Member Function Documentation

int PESNetworkAdapter::checkMessage  

Checks for a new message

0 when no new message >0 when some new message is waiting <0 when some error

void PESNetworkAdapter::closeNetwork  

Close PES connection

int PESNetworkAdapter::getMessageType  

Used to learn the type of PES message recieved. When there's no message in the buffer this function blocks the execution of program until a message arrives. To check for a message use checkMessage which immidiately returns.

See also:
type of message

void PESNetworkAdapter::Init  

Connects to PVM service.

void PESNetworkAdapter::InitAsSlave  

This function initiates PES system as slave. This function also recieves initial broadcast data. This initial broadcast data contains information about other slaves in the system.

void PESNetworkAdapter::ping int    tid,
int    timeout

Sends a ping packet with timeout 'timeout' seconds to slave with TaskID 'tid'

tid  TaskID (which is obtained from PVM) of slave.
timeout  number of seconds that ping reply should be sent before timeout occurs.

void PESNetworkAdapter::receivePing  

Recieves ping packet

void PESNetworkAdapter::receiveTask PESTask   tsk

Recieves a task from master

tsk  address of the task class. this class is filled with the data read from network through pvm functions

void PESNetworkAdapter::recievePing int *    slave,
int *    status

Recieves ping reply.

slave  the slave that sent the ping reply. This is the index of the slave in the slaves list.
status  status of the slave that sent this ping reply package
See also:

void PESNetworkAdapter::recieveString int *    slave,
int *    len,
char *    str

Recieves a string

slave  the slave that has sent the string. This is the index of the slave in the slaves list.
len  the length of the string that was recieved
str  the string that has been recieved.

void PESNetworkAdapter::sendPingReply int    condition

Sends ping reply to the master

condition  Can have 2 values o '0' for free o '1' for busy on the current task

void PESNetworkAdapter::sendResult float    result

Sends result to the master

result  result to be sent

void PESNetworkAdapter::sendString char *    str

Sends 'str' to the master

str  null terminated string to be sent

void PESNetworkAdapter::sendTask PESSlaveInfo   slv,
PESTask   tsk

Sends Task 'tsk' to Slave 'slv'

slv  pointer to the slave class which holds information about a slave
tsk  poineter to the Task class which holds information about a task

Member Data Documentation

int PESNetworkAdapter::me

Used to denote which slave this machine is in the tids table.

See also:

int PESNetworkAdapter::mytid

The TaskID of process given by PVM system.

int PESNetworkAdapter::nproc

actual number processes in the system

int PESNetworkAdapter::tids[200]

TaskID's of other processes

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