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PESTask Class Reference

Contains information required for a task. More...

#include <pestask.h>

Inheritance diagram for PESTask:

Serializable List of all members.

Public Methods

void printTask ()
void saveTask ()
virtual void Serialize (FILE *f)
virtual void Deserialize (FILE *f)

Public Attributes

int holder
int completed
float result
NN nn
WorldConfig world
int no
int nsteps
int tstart
int tend
int seed

Detailed Description

Contains information required for a task.

This class is used to hold information about a task to be completed by a PES-S.


Member Function Documentation

virtual void PESTask::Deserialize FILE *    f [virtual]

Deserialization function

Implements Serializable.

void PESTask::printTask  

Prints the task to the console

void PESTask::saveTask  

Saves task to the file WARNING!!! Currently unimplemented

virtual void PESTask::Serialize FILE *    f [virtual]

Serialization function

Implements Serializable.

Member Data Documentation

int PESTask::completed

A flag that indicates whether the task is completed or not 1 means completed

int PESTask::holder

The index of holder of the task in slaves list

NN PESTask::nn

The network to be used in this task.

int PESTask::no

The index of this task on task list

int PESTask::nsteps

Number of simulation steps to be performed by the slave

float PESTask::result

Result of the task that was obtained from slave

int PESTask::seed

Random number generator seed for this task

int PESTask::tend

End time of task on the server

int PESTask::tstart

Start time of task on the server

WorldConfig PESTask::world

The initial Configuration of the World.

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