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From Hande Celikkanat

Zeit ist Leben. Und das Leben wohnt im Herzen.
--Momo, Michael Ende

Ph.D. Student

KOVAN Research Lab.
Department of Computer Engineering
Middle East Technical University, Ankara, Turkey

I am a researcher / computer scientist / roboticist in KOVAN Research Lab. I am currently working on cognitive robotics, especially the developmental approach, through which we hope to grow our baby robot iCub. I am specifically interested in conceptualization, the discovery of context, and the cognitive and neurological bases of these. Ever curious about how the mind works (the reason why I choose to be a computer scientist in the first place, "Can we REALLY make thinking machines? How do we think anyway?"), I enjoy any aspect of neuroscience, reading anything related as I have time. From a more practical point of view, I admire the works in Brain-Robot Interface and Brain-Computer Interface, which are my future research interests, through which I believe you can make an impact in the world. Being raised as a computer scientist in the first place, I cherish the formal theory of computation. I am fascinated by the process of "compilation" and compilers (here is one I wrote), I enjoy coding (especially in python, though, and preferably when I am not in a hurry), and I love the output of computer graphics (meaning that I would rather prefer a fully-functional simulator or Ice Age to openGL/ODE in bare-bones). As a researcher, I respect whatever can be grounded on mathematics and statistics; as a human, I love everything related to the brain, psychology, and especially to language (have a look at this page to see exactly how much).