To those who wish to get a reference letter from me:

When and if you apply for a job or for graduate programs, you will be asked to provide reference letters written and sent by your professors. Below I will share how you can get it. Whatever written below are my own policies and may differ from person to person, but I believe that the essential ideas remain the same.

First off, you should ask a reference letter from those, who were impressed by your performance in some way. Hence you should invest ahead to get one. Personally, I expect students to impress me within one of the following:

Once you've impressed me in some way, you should let me know of your reference letter requests in advance (4 weeks for the first letter), and send to me your CV, statement of purpose, transcript, and a draft letter in which you write "what you've done with me, and how you impressed me". Note that writing a reference letter for someone takes time, and I need it. Subsequent letters are easy to produce. You should always let me know in advance and remind me if I haven't submitted it 3-4 days before the deadline.

Finally please note the following: I can only write about things that you've impressed me, in terms of work, personal qualities such as:.

If you've only taken a course and got an AA from the course, then I can only mention your ranking within the course among your peers. If you were actively participating, asking questions that enrich the course, then I will be happy to mention that. In an internship, if you just do whatever given to you and not taken it a bit further then I will just be able to write that in a neutral tone. If, however, you've gone beyond what is assigned to you, lead your team, actively followed up your tasks with suggestions, then I will be happy to mention them as well. However, I cannot write things about that I am not impressed.