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Sinan KALKAN's Projects

Current Projects

Addressing Class Imbalance in Visual Recognition Problems by Measuring Class Imbalance and Using Epistemic Uncertainty (DENGE)
  • Project Funding: TUBITAK 1001
  • Project No: 120E494
  • Project Duration: 24 months (01.03.2021-01.03.2023)
  • Project Budget: 340,000 TL
  • Principal Investigator: Sinan Kalkan in collaboration with Emre Akbas
KALFA: New Methods for Assembly Scenarios with Collaborative Robots
  • Project Funding: TUBITAK 1001
  • Project No: 120E269
  • Project Duration: 36 months (01.01.2021-01.01.2024)
  • Project Budget: 570,000 TL
  • Principal Investigator: Erol Sahin
Tool development for urban building energy modeling (UBEM) against climate change supported by machine learning and building simulations
  • Project Funding: TUBITAK 1001
  • Project No: 120M484
  • Project Duration: 30 months (15.03.2021-15.09.2023)
  • Project Budget: 450,000 TL
  • Principal Investigator: Ipek Gursel Dino
H3DR Camera: Smart embedded camera with multi-exposure & multi-view capability for autonomous vehicles
  • Project Funding: United Kingdom Royal Academy of Engineering
  • Project No: TSP1345
  • Project Duration: 18 months (24.03.2020-24.08.2021)
  • Project Budget: 78,000 GBP
  • Principal Investigator: Aydin Alatan
Other projects
I am also giving consultancy on the following projects to various companies:
  • UAV detection and tracking.
  • Deep learning in medical applications.
  • Deep learning in security applications.
  • Deep learning in remote sensing.

Past Projects

TUBITAK 1001 Project, "Object Detection in Videos with Deep Neural Networks", No: 117E054. 01.04.2018 - 01.04.2021 Researcher
TUBITAK - British Council Project, "SISER: A Stakeholder-Oriented Intelligent System for Building Energy Retrofitting", No: 217M519. 01.06.2018 - 01.06.2020 Researcher
TUBITAK Project, "Multiuser Eyetracking Platform for Social Gaze", No: 116E570. 01.06.2017 - 01.06.2020 Researcher
TUBITAK Project, "CIRAK: Compliant robot manipulator support for montage workers in factories", No: 117E002. 01.06.2017 - 01.06.2020 Researcher
TUBITAK Project, "3D Scene Segmentation and Synthesis", No: 215E255. 01.04.2016 - 01.04.2019 Researcher
TUBITAK 1001 Project, "Context in Robots", No: 215E133. 01.04.2016-01.04.2018 Coordinator, METU
Ministry of Science Project on "Similar Logo Retrieval in Large Databases", No: 0029.STZ.2013-1 Nov 2013-April 2015 Coordinator, METU (in collaboration with Usta Yazilim)
TUBITAK 1001 Project, "Development of Hierarchical Concepts in Humanoid Robots", No: 111E287 May 2012-May 2015 Coordinator, METU
TUBITAK Career Project, "Acquiring Accurate Visual Information from Images Using Border Ownership", No: 111E155 April 2012-April 2015 Coordinator, METU
TUBITAK TEYDEB Project, "Developing a Wireless-Sensor Network with Embedded Data Fusion and Image Processing Capabilities", 1120255 January 2013-October 2014 Consultant (for Gate Elektronik)
TUBITAK TEYDEB Project, "A Portable Biometric Identification System", 7110393 January 2012-June 2013 Consultant (for SoSoft Information Technologies)
TUBITAK 4004 Project, "11. Matematik-Fen Yaz Kampi", 111B019 June 2011-October 2011 Coordinator, METU
European ROSSI Project, FP7-216125 March 2008-October 2011 Collaborator through KOVAN, METU
European Driving School Project (Drivsco), IST-FET-016276-2 January 2006 - 2009 Research participant through BCCN, Goettingen.
European Perception Action Complexes Project (PACO-plus), IST-FP6-IP-027657 January 2006 - 2011 Research participant through BCCN, Goettingen.
European Early Cognitive Vision Project (Ecovision), IST-2001-32114 Sept. 2003 - June 2005 Research participant through University of Stirling, Scotland.