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KOVAN Lab (Turkey)
Computer Eng. (Turkey)
COVIG Lab (Denmark)
BCCN Center (Germany)
Turkiye Robotik Konferansi (ToRK)


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Sinan KALKAN's Students


  • Ilkay Atil, Ph.D. student.

  • Ulku Arslan Aydin, Ph.D. student (jointly supervised with C. Acarturk).

  • Baris Caglar Ayyildiz, M.Sc. student.

  • Mehmet Celik, Ph.D. student.

  • Acar Erdinc, Ph.D. student.

  • Ogul Can Eryuksel, M.Sc. student.

  • Cemal Aker, M.Sc. graduate. Thesis: "End-to-end Networks for Detection and Tracking of Micro Unmanned Aerial Vehicles", 2018.

  • Ali Abbasi, M.Sc. graduate (jointly supervised with Y. Sahillioglu). Thesis: "Deep 3D Semantic Scene Extrapolation", 2018.

  • Ilker Bozcan, M.Sc. graduate. Thesis: "Contextualized Scene Modeling Using Boltzmann Machines", 2018.

  • Fethiye Irmak Dogan, M.Sc. graduate. Thesis: "Hierarchical Incremental Context Modeling on Robots", 2017.

  • Berker Logoglu, Ph.D. graduate (jointly supervised with Alptekin Temizel). Thesis: "Spatial 3D local descriptors for object recognition in RGB-D images", 2016.

  • Hande Celikkanat, Ph.D. graduate. Thesis: "A grounded and contextualized web of concepts on a humanoid robot", 2015.

  • Sertac Olgunsoylu, M.Sc. graduate. Thesis: "Analysis of methods for border ownership estimation", 2015.

  • Wusiman Tuerxun (Osman Tursun), M.Sc. graduate. Thesis: "A comparison of methods for trademark retrieval in a large trademark dataset", 2015.

  • Mustafa Yaman, Ph.D. graduate. Thesis: "Multi-modal stereo-vision using infrared / visible camera pairs", 2014.

  • Guner Orhan, M.Sc. graduate. Thesis: "Building a web of concepts on a humanoid robot", 2014.

  • Emre Isikligil, M.Sc. graduate. Thesis: "A method for isolated sign recognition with Kinect", 2014.

  • Mehmet Akif Akkus, M.Sc. graduate. Thesis: "Analysis of border ownership cues and improvement of depth prediction using border ownership", 2014.

  • Bugra Ozkan, M.Sc. graduate. Thesis: "Estimating border ownership using iterative vector voting and Conditional Random Fields", 2014.

  • Fariba Yousefi, M.Sc. graduate. Thesis: "Analysis of methods for finger vein recognition", 2013.

  • Erdal Sivri, M.Sc. graduate. Thesis: "Shape descriptors based on intersection consistency and global binary patterns", 2012.

  • Onur Yuruten, Currently: EPFL Lausanne, Switzerland.
    MSc. student. Thesis: Formation of adjective, noun and verb concepts through affordances, 2012. (jointly supervised with Assoc. Prof. Erol Sahin)

  • Serdar Ciftci, Currently: METU - Dept. of Computer Engineering
    M.Sc. graduate. Thesis: "Improving Edge Detection Using Intersection Consistency", 2011. (jointly supervised with Prof. Fatos Yarman Vural)

  • Ilkay Atil, Currently: Tubitak, Ankara..
    M.Sc. graduate. Thesis: Function and appearance-based emergence of object concepts through affordances, 2010. (jointly supervised with Assoc. Prof. Erol Sahin)

  • Nilgun Dag, Currently: PCybersoft, Istanbul. M.Sc. graduate. Thesis: Emergence of verb and object concepts through learning affordances, 2010. (jointly supervised with Assoc. Prof. Erol Sahin)

  • Shi Yan, Currently: A private company in Copenhagen.

  • Dibyendusekhar Goswami, Currently:University of North Carolina, USA.